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So theres been a pretty big absense here on the blog and theres always excuses from my end but I actually have a pretty legit one right now.. I'm currently backpacking in New Zealand!

I'm away with a tour company called Topdeck, who were amazing enough to bring me along on a trip and experience everything first hand. I am doing the Kiwi experience tour and am on my 7th day out of 17! I have already done so much (yes, that includes bungee jumping!!!!!) and theres so much more left to do!

I decided that I would write out a plain and simple backpacking guide. My little 'heres the things you should probably pack' and some more tips for either bloggers or just people that need to have a little bit of internet around on their travels.

The bags.
I am currently carrying two bags on this trip with me. My main bag on my back is 12kg and my front bag is around 8kg. Thats a whopping 20kg collectively (almost half my own weight) which is a pretty massive amount of weight to have on you constantly for 3 months. The great thing is genuinely (depensing on how much you are walking around, if you're doing mostly touristy things or really getting off the beaten path) you pretty much tend to just have the bags when going to and from airports or buses, so it's not too bad.

My big bag is Quechua and I grabbed mine from decathlon for about £60 I think. I have a 60L and theres still quite a bit of space to shove stuff in for the rest of my trip so it's a pretty good size for 3 months!

The smaller bag is an F stop, and the green one actually its into the F stop too. I'll talk in more detail about the green one later on but it's essentially a camera bag! This blue F stop is awesome, It has so many pockets and what not but it also has a place for your laptop which I have taken along with me.

Having two bags seems so bizarre but for me, having a big carry on with my fragile bits is pretty essntial for work, and you get over the whole 'Do I look like an idiot' vibe pretty quickly.. there will ALWAYS be someone who has way more stuff than you – so don't even think twice! That being said, do try to bring as little as possible, for your backs sake!

The main bits.
Clothes inside a 25L watertight compression bag / Microfibre Towel / Medical kit Four pairs of shoes: Running shoes, Flip flops, Asos basic sandals & Birkenstocks / Dry bag with 5 Bikinis in / Journal /
Marmot Wind breaker goretex coat / Sunglasses case / Wildfox makeup bag for all beauty bits / Old laptop

The footwear.
All I took last time on my 5 week asia trip was birkenstocks and flip flops. I wore my birkenstocks religiously and flip flops on the beach if needed! I decided to bring trainers as I'm doing more hiking stuff – plus I'm in New Zealand in winter! The asos sandals are just pretty little sandals that I grabbed as a different option to my birkenstocks as I'm away for quite a bit longer!

The medical kit.
You can put literally anything you think you will need in your mdeical it. As im off to asia afterward I've got some Doxyxyline malaria tablets, as well as essentials such as ibuprofen, paracetamol and diarrhea tablets. I also have tampons, bandages and plasters, as well as some lemsip and sinex relief.. especially needed when you get the travel flu!

The travel documents.
Topdeck provided me with all my acoomodation and stuff sorted which is PERFECT for first time travellers or people who need a little guidance. They have an itinerary with all our extra activities which comes in this sweet zip up, which is great to keep all your bits together like your passport!
I also grabbed this journal from paperchase as I liked how plain it was. I didn't write one last time but saw lots of my friends doing it and its a great way to document trips and also pop plane tickets and things in!

The beauty bag.
There is as little make up as possible in my bag, and throughout my trip I will probably not be wearing much of it at all. I grabbed a cheap little faux naked palette from primark for £2 as on nights out it's quite nice to make a little bit more of an effort! I also grabbed my old mac foundation that I never really wear anymore, as well as two mini benefit masacaras as they're travel friendly and also don't really get used much. Two hand sanitisers as they get used up pretty quickly travelling, as well as tissues just incase of emergencies! A razor just for standard girly upkeep, as well as a few bobbles and grips (that will get lost, no doubt!) Mini shampoo and conditioner – if I run out I can always just buy more but this is just perfect for space saving!

'Other bits' that I think are important
Microfibre towel: Really great as it dries quickly so if you have a shower in the morning and need to pack up your bags asap it's handy – as well as great for space saving.
Travel Torch: something you you will never know if you need so is always great to have and again – the smaller the better for space!
Travel adaptor plugs: A massive essential for travelling! I always have quite a few on me incase some go missing just as you pack up and leave places, but I also have a european one just incase.. especially if you have a long layover on the way back through a european country and need to rechearge!!!
USB charger: this one is really handy if you only have one plug socket and you have friends who need to charge iphones!
Three different locks: For lockers in hostels, I have a large and small numbered locker, as well as a key one. Just incase of literally anything, I've already lent my friend the one with the key as her lock with the numbers ending up changing its code and now she doesn't trust it!
Two portable phone chargers: One for everyday travelling is the smaller one, gives around one full charge. The bigger one gives I think maybe 5 full charges, and is for just other uses such as if my phone doesnt reach the charger in the hostel or if I'm sat on a bus for hours!
Spare iphone charger: for obvious reasons
Spare headphones and in earbuds: incase my headphones break and for loud buses or planes. I also have a sleep mask that my friend has so wan't pictured!
Two pairs of sunglasses: Will probably dissapear at some point but grabed two pairs that I wanted!
USB extender: perfect if your plug isn't near your bed in a hostel, already used this so many times!

For the colder weather
Like I've already mentioned, I'm away in New Zealand and Aus in winter and NZ right now is FREEZING. The windbreaker is pretty awesome for hikes and the rain, but I layer underneath for warmth. A pair of jeans is essential for every day in colder places and I also have two pairs of thermal leggings (which are AMAZING) and the gloves are again standard for the colder weather. I didnt bring a beanie so purchased this pretty little NZ one here.. would say this is a pretty big essential for the cold weather too!

A Waterproof watch with the date and time on.
This cheap'o casio is perfect. It's waterproof and has the date and time which is great if you're travelling as you never really know! It's also incredibly cheap!

That concludes all the bits I've brough with me except for electronics which will be more in depth in the next post!
Please leave me any comments letting me know if theres anything else you would take or have taken and if any of you are off backpacking any time soon I would love to hear about it!!

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