dimanche 10 mai 2015

Do you ever just feel like you want to dress up for a festival? I don't just mean whack on a pair of wellies and go, I mean really just dress up, all guns blazing like you've just walked out of Coachella (where people look fabulous but practical? not so much)

I really fell in love with these sheer flared trousers. I mean REALLY fell in love. I think it was Kendall Jenner that inspired them at last years Coachella festival and the boho vibez that went with it have had me hooked since. I saw a few on asos that were fairly pricey and for something that was going to be a fairly *daring* piece I wanted it to be cheap (I'm awful at remembering to return things!)

I Stumbled upon this pair which i think were £19? They are so beautiful - the pictures honestly just do not do them justice one bit! They are teamed with my wonderful off the shoulder crop I rocked at Benicassim last year with new look and is a firm fave in summer!

I'm whole heartedly obsessed with these shoed and hat as a combo, and as for the bindi, nothing screams festival that a little big of face diamantes, eh?

Incredibly sorry theres been literally 0 posts recently, I've been travelling so much and have had out of blog work that it's been hard to function but don't worry - all back to normal this month!


I also have some incredibly exciting news in the next few weeks which includes my biggest travel news.. ever! eeep!

Will trickle the rest of my Marrakech posts in the next few days a long with a wonderful little marrakech guide which I hope you will really really like :)

Have you ever just really craved festival fashion in a warmer climate?

This was not a sponsored trip, however Ugg were kind enough to partially pay toward this trip to Marrakech.

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