lundi 13 avril 2015

For valentines day I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to stay up in Scarborough at the Ox Pasture Hall. As myself and my boyfriend Duncan weren't really sure what we were doing as we had been so so busy, I felt incredibly grateful to be given a chance to stay here (especially around valentines day!) and we headed to Scarborough to have a lovely night away from the hustle and bustle of city life!!

We arrived to a beautiful hotel, which was honestly breathtaking! We were lucky enough to get one of their suites which has a lovely view over the gardens, a gorgeous sofa, double bed and amazing bathroom/shower all in one. I could have definitely seen myself staying her for more than one night - I felt right at home!

We then headed to complimentary afternoon tea and cakes which were UNREAL. It was such a lovely atmosphere, where a wedding actually took place whilst we were there and I can understand why - it's such a wonderful place to have a wedding and the staff were some of the friendliest I've encountered!

After the afternoon tea we relaxed in the hotel watching a film and just chilling until it was time to head over for the main bit : dinner! It was a set menu so I was slightly worried they wouldn't be able to cater to my fussy vegetarian ways but it was unreal!

I opted for the veggie option as I'm a vegetarian (5 years running!) and Duncan had the steak which he said was one of the best hes ever had! I had this lovely Ratatouille and large onion and vegetable mix and it was unreal!
We then decided to share our desserts with each other and the chocolate pudding I had was just so delicious. I can honestly say this food was unbelievable (and this is coming from a super picky eater!)

I had such a wonderful time at Ox Pasture Hall and thank them endlessly for such a wonderful stay!
I would recommend 100000x over, but if not here then just staying at a hotel for a weekend away. We got to head over to Bridlington during the day, somewhere I used to visit often as a child and show Duncan around and pretty much just waste our money away in the arcades and bowling!

Have you ever had a lovely trip to a hotel just to get away, and which places would you recommend?
Let me know!

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