jeudi 16 avril 2015

My first two Nars purchases and boy do I love them. After seeing the Radiance Concealer on a few tutorials, It was a no brainer that it had to be mine. After first use it was clear to me that it lived up to its name. It definitely lived up to being radiant and creamy just as described. I honestly don't think that I will be switching concealer any time soon. This is a must have for those who love a creamy lasting finish, with staying power.

Onto the foundation....I kept seeing this crop up in my Instagram feed, I eventually caved due to good reviews, and made a quick trip to Nars. I matched myself a shade lighter than I was at the time, and the lady at the counter matched me to my actual tone (Syracuse). I kind of wish that I stuck to my initial choice, because even though I adore this foundation, I do find that over time it begins to oxidise on my skin, which turns it a little darker. Another downside I found is that it can also make me look a little oily after a few hours, but that's nothing a blot doesn't rectify. I think this foundation is perfect for the approaching "London Summer" due to its staying power and Luminous finish. One to two pumps will cover your face, leaving you with a fresh light coverage which is easily buildable. As much as I love this foundation, and the glowy finish it gives me, I just think I may need to go and purchase a lighter shade *sad times* .

Concealer | Here
Foundation | Here

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