samedi 24 janvier 2015

(Sourced from my instagram @beauyandtheblog)

One thing I panicked about last summer, was what I was going to wear on my feet come Winter! I lived in sliders and I just couldn't see anything else gracing my feet. But then something random happened, I found a new love for trainers, but not just any trainer...the Nike Thea. 

Im very picky when It comes to footwear, but these are so streamline and simple they are literally the only ones I will B-line for. I literally craved an all white pair of trainers and sat tight in hope that Nike would come through and they did!  These babies are everything , they make any outfit pop and although I have worn them a few time , I think I will be boxing them up until summer.

If you're a lover of the Thea, you can find the triple white HERE .


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