dimanche 21 décembre 2014

For the 9th day of my twelve days of Christmas I'm talkign about a perfect little gift for the woman or girl friend in your life.. and that is a Triangl Bikini. Although it's not summer yet, I think I wouldn't be wrong in assuming that a triangl bikini, with thanks to all the beautiful girls on instagram, is a firm favourite for all women out there!

The bikinis come in this awesome box and come with a lovely bag to pop them in (which ia great idea but the bags are also awesome for the beach anyway) but this is what I think makes them such a great gift!)

Poppy Peach Soda, Triangl* - £57
Milly Indiana Ice, Triangl* - £57

I own around 6 Triangl bikinis and every time they come out with a new style I am lucky enough to grab one to try out (yes I know, I am jealous of myself too!) and I honestly can say they are my favourite bikinis ever. They have so many different styles and colours. They also make me super look forward to my trips so I can rock them and grab a tan!

Triangl also do lingerie & I own a hot pink set which is one of the most comfortable sets of lingerie I own.. so the moral of the story here really is that Triangl rules in all aspects of life and it's December now but I cannot wait for summer now!

Have you ever bought anything from Triangl?

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