mercredi 24 décembre 2014

Greenwich Gold Plated Black Strap Watch, c/o Links of London

I've always been a huge fan of Links of london, so when I was told that they had released some new amazing watches I was itching to get my hands on one!
I chose the all over blac watch with gold detailing as I've wanted a black watch for quite some time now.. and this one is ridiculously perfect, from the font and size of the numbers, to the perfect gold detailing through it.

The boxing is hands down my favourite box of any watch I have seen. When you open it, the mechanism inside is very different to other boxes I have seen and also adds so much value to this and makes it the perfect gift.
I can't wait to finally have a fairly 'high end' ish watch and get really good use out of it.. talk about the perfect Christmas present!

Have you had a look at any of the new Links of London watches?

p.s. have a merry little christmas tomorrow guys! <3 Youtube | Facebook | Twitter | Lookbook | Pinterest | Tumblr | Instagram | Bloglovin |

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