mercredi 17 décembre 2014

Whilst I was away in New York with Macys, one of the incredible opportunities presented to me (besides the amazing Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade of course!) was to be involved with seeing everything unfold on Black Friday!

A few years ago, all the stores opened on the Friday after Thanksgiving at around 3/4am. Crazy, right? Just like our boxing day here in the UK (they don't have that in America, which I found out when I mentioned the similarities to some of the staff and they gave me a rather perplexed look!) Black Friday is the day of all day for sales. Over the years I have heard so many crazy news story that have slipped into international media.. 'Woman gets crushed on black friday' '32inch TVs for $100' etc. Absolute carnage surely?
I told the doorman at my hotel I was working rhe black friday opening and he said 'good luck'.. was it really going to be that bad?

I was kindly invited along inside the store to see it unfold, along with other international press (and little old me, eh!) and I clearly fit right in with my little point and shoot and iphone haha!

Nowadays Black Friday has started on Thursday.. so Black Thursday is now a thing? The store opened 7pm sharp which meant I was there for 6:30pm after I devoured the thanksgiving food I made earlier in the day. It's strange to me that they have started the sales on actual Thanksgiving now, which UI think annoys a few people that have to work the day as it's enough stress as it is without having the added factor of it interrupting their family time.

I was also given a $200 giftcard from macys to shop the sales.. and you can find out what I bought in tomorrow post. But for now.. I will leave you with a video of the carnage that is Black Friday(/thursday) in Macys!

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