vendredi 12 décembre 2014

New York is absolutely freezing in November. It's just like English weather only somehow even colder? I was so happy to be there for Thanksgiving but really could not imagine being there for the Dec/Jan/Feb months! For this reason I had to whip out my secret weapon.. this long River Island Coat.

Long length wool grey coat, River Island*
Grey wool turban, forever 21 - $5
Over The Knee Leather Heeled Boots c/o Miista
Black dress, c/o Choies

I was kindly given this by Mallzee who were given it by River Island for us girlies in Edinburgh and I snapped it up instantly! It's a longlength very thick wool coat which is PERFECT to wrap around you when it's minus a million degrees. Wrapped around, it's basically like you're walking around with a blanket constantly.. which I mean.. what more culd you wat from a coat?

I'm again wearing THOSE boots that I can't stop wearing, and I found this grey wool turban from forever21 for like $5 or something? I've been after one liek thie FOREVER so I was so happy to randomly stumble on it in forever 21 when I had a sneaky shop. Forever 21 is such an amazign store to go to if you're ever in the US, it's much cheaper than our F21 in the UK!

The Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade

I've heard so much about this parade over the years, it's actually pretty infamous with Americans, but I'd heard of it on so many American sitcom shows such as friends etc, and had always wanted to go. As it was a parade for Macys and I was working over in the US for Macys, they were kind enough to offer myself and a friend tickets, which was so kind of them! The tickets are actually worth a pretty hefty price too as we had seats!

It was pretty cold that day, I'm talking I had 154846 layers on and I couldn't really cope. So after a little while myself and Seema decided to run off and find the nearest starbucks to warm up! I enjoyed the parade for as much as I could stand the cold! There were people who caped out for the parade at 4am, so I was so thankful for Macys giving us tickets and letting us enjoy it (without dying of hypothermia!)

Of course the Thanksgiving parade is held.. on Thanksgiving! I was lucky enough to actually be in the US for thanksgiving (and black friday, but I will get into that at a later date!) I stayed at the hostel I stayed in last time for the last few days of my trip (as this was holiday - not work!) and we ended up making thanksgiving dinner with a bunch of girl scouts and other hostellers which was awesome! It did taste good (there was a veggie option for me too!) but I'm not a massive fan of roast dinners and things.. the stuffing was ace though!

Have you ever wanted to go to the Thanksgiving Macys Day Parade?

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