mercredi 3 décembre 2014

I've always been a massive lover of Ebay. I buy everything I own on there and when they asked me to collate a few items together for the seasons Autumn and Winter I couldn't wait to have a good search around to find the best bits I think represent Autumn! I was also asked to pick an autumnal picture to represent the items I chose so I used this gorgeous one I show in Central Park on my New York trip!

The full collection with all the relevant links is available here!

The collecton includes a lot of burgundys and beiges, two of my favourite colours to rock this season. Witht the leaves spread across the streets it's the perfect palette to compliment the golden leaves, as well as being very understated and classy. A fedora is obviously a perfect piece in anyones wardrobe in the colder seasons and I haven't taken mine off at all really during the chillier months. An over the knee booth is my absolute favourite piece to rock and a brown pair adds a little splash of colour to anyones outfit!

Let me know which bits are your favourite and lease link me to any of your collections as I love having a nosey and getting inspired to get more bits this season :) I'll be making a few more collections over the next few month if you fancy giving it a follow over on ebay!

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