mardi 23 décembre 2014

For myself, photography plays an important part in my blog. I wouldn't say I'm particularly an expert by any stretch of the word, but I enjoy looking at photos captured through someone elses lense, and being able to feel the moment or be inspired by the colours, textures etc.. For me photography is incredibly important.

For the last part of this year I am so proud to say I have teamed up with Coin a photo to contribute my own photography (check out my profile here!), as well as a few others bits coming over the next few months (such as helping judge contests etc) The concept is simple. You upload photos to the site and you can 'respect' (which is almost like liking on facebook or instagram' or award someone with a 'coin'.. which in turn can be exchanged for money and other exciting things. It's the first time I've really seen a proper community like this in photography that comes together and you get rewarded for things from other users, and it really is something I've become obsessed with searching through!

Here are just a few of the snaps throughout this year I've posted on the site, and throughout working with these guys I'll be posting a lot of photos that don't get shown here, as when I travel theres sometimes just too many photos to post all at once.. so it's nice to show you guys the photos that get 'left behind'!

I would love if you would let me know if any of you sign up to coin a photo so I can take a little look at the photos! The whole partnership is for launching the new app which is officially available to download now, so if you want to just add photos from your instagram or facebook etc, you can do that too!

They are currently running a competition for the christmas season. Simply grab your phone and capture a 'christmas image' and send it in and you could win $1000 worth of amazon vouchers, click here for more information!

This post is part of my ongoing collaboration with coin a photo
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