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Growing up as a child with an 'uncommon' first name meant many things.. People not being able to pronounce it in front of all the other students (which meant people found it hilarious to start caling my 'kav-i-ta' and 'ka-tee-va' rather than 'ka-vee-ta!) and more than anything, it meant that I was never able to get anything personalised. Mugs, pens, key chains.. the most I got to do was get things with the letter 'K' on, but it just wasn't the same, and it obviously meant that I was just completely jeaous of all my class mates with all their cool personalised bits and bobs.

Selfridges have come up with the most incredible personalised gifts for christmas and I think it's actually genius. Here are the items I was lucky enough to recieve from them.

The Christmas Bauble
I think giving someone a really quirky or delicate bauble for christmas, or a 'pre-christmas' gift is a winner in my books.. and even better if it has someones name on it! This is actually an incredibly great quality bauble and comes in a little box too - which makes it even more so the 'perfect little gift'!

Johnstons scarves embroidery,
£5 per letter, with scarves starting from £25.

I absolutely love this scarf, not only because it's really soft but it's black with gold.. two of my favourite pairings! Obviously this is a great one if you're a fashion lover like me and a pretty great stocking filler

Harrow and Green personalised santa sack, £22
This bag is the ultimate gift for an added touch when giving someone a more personalised christmas experience. The bag itself is super old school, I love the whole idea behind it and it's not as tacky or childish as say, a personalised sock shaped stocking, and it's one of those things you can use year after year. What makes this even more special for me is the 'undelivered' address on the front, incredibly cute and adds an extra touch. I'm tempted to grab some of these for the rest of my family so on christmas we can pop all our presents in them until Christmas Day!

Art You Grew Up With
(Mr Men and Little Miss prints and mugs), from £9.99.
Ahh who didn't have an absolute obsession with Roger Hargreaves creation all those years ago? What I love about this is that not only are mugs used throughout the UK as standard on a regular basis, but is a massive throwback to my childhood, and I feel like again this is a nice little twist on the convential personalised mugs

Eleven Paris Customised Tee
I love the brand who made this tee (eleven paris) anyway, and the fact it says my name and the number on the back makes it the literal perfect item to wear as an everyday shirt, night shirt.. you name it! It's a very simple gift if you aren't too sure what someone would want in the personalised section of gift giving.. plus it's super duper soft!

The Nutella Jar
Personalised Nutella, £3.99

So I nearly cried opening this box when I saw the personalised mug.. but this made me shed literal tears when I opened it. I am a fan of nutella, everyone in the whole world is a fan of nutela (and if you aren't then I suggest you become a fan quickly) and this is by far my absolute favourite of the bunch. This is hands down going to be the best gift anyone ever recieves at christmas time (plus buzzfeed have been raving about it - so it's clearly incredibly popular) .. the only issue is.. should I eat it or keep it? Let me know what you think?

Not everything is available online but they are available in store, so have a little lookie where you can grab one of these for yourself ..

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Massive shout out to Selfridges for such a wonderful gift I am so so happy with being able to finally have some bits to call 'my own'.. quite literally! What is your favourite gift from Selfridges new collection?

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