mercredi 26 novembre 2014

So for the past few days I have been living it up in New York Citaaay! I'm here to experience all that the Macys store in Herlad Square has to offer!
I have been to New York once before, if you can remember it really wasn't that long ago on the back of my Philly trip. This time I'm collectively here for a week, so there is so much more for me to do out here (including a trip to the empire state building!) and I'm stocking up on american candy, tacky souveneirs and of course going to be shopping the amazing Black Friday sales.

Macys were kind enough to let me experience some amazing things in store, and I had a chat over an amazing Falafel wrap from Just Salads and a lovely coffee smoothie from juice press (like an iced coffee only healthier and nicer!) to some of the fashion team at Macys who work on in house ideas to keep the fashion side fresh and exciting! It's always nice to hear a little about the behind the scenes of what goes on, particularly for a store that is so big, it's nice to know they do a lot of store in house

Next I hot footed it off to benefit where I got my brows waxed for the very first time. Now, I'm a brow girl through and through. LEtting someone go near them is a scary prospect, and I am a plucker or a threader.. not a waxer. I was in the hands of the lovely adrienne who took very good care of me and made sure I was at ease and made my brows look unreal. I also got a little makeover by another Adrienne (popular name?) and it turned out like this.

Literally felt like Kim kardashian walking around, it was amazing! Hats off to these girls, I've always been a fan of benefit but never thought about investing in some of their brow kits or even eye makeup for that matter!

Oversized Sweater, MinkPink*
Black Bucket Bag, River Island*
Chloe Green for Topshop Over The Knee Boots*
Black Fedora, New Look*

The outfit I wore was pretty simple. My amazing oversized chunky knit from Mink Pink and my over the knee bots from Chloe Green @ Topshop, along with a standard kavita fedora. I think for NYC and especially in A/W, boots and a chunky knit are pretty much all you need (and pretty much all I wore!)

Have you ever had your eyebrows waxed and have you ever been to the Macys Herald Square Store?

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