mercredi 19 novembre 2014

I hadn't ever been to Scotland before. I have been to Ireland and Northern Ireland on a few occassions, and the Irish accent is one of my favourite things in the whole world, along with the scottish. So a visit was on the cards, and the incredibly gals at Mallzee answered al my prayeres when they invited me along to relax and hang out in one of the best places in the whole of the UK.. Edinburgh!

(Lets not talk about the fact I am wearing Tartan on my first visit to Scotland. It wasn't intentional!)

Primark tartan aviator jacket, thrifted - £4
Glitzy crop top, River Island*
Zara Pleather Shorts, Ebay - £15
Over the knee leather heeled boots, miista*
Bucket black bag, River island*

I arrived to see some of my favourite blogger babes and it was pretty much a reunion. When you all live in different places you find you see some of your favourite faces less and less, so it was really nice that we all got to hang out together.

We arrived at the Old Chambers Apartments, with an unbelivable view. There were 3 rooms and we had goodies from harvey nichols, one pieces and river island draped around. As well as delicious metcalfes skinny popcorn and the most delicious macaroons ever.. it was so lovely and the effort the Mallzee girls put in made me feel so lucky!

Old Chambers Apartments

With 3 bedrooms, a full kitchen and an unbelivable view, this aprtment was such a terat for myself and the girls to relax in. All 3 rooms had a balcony space outside to just chill on, & I could just imagine how fun it would be to have your girlfriends here to just relax in (we definitely did, cue cheesy chick flicks and a dominoes order!)


We headed out to a place called tigerlily for a cocktail masterclass and tried some delicious drinks and got fairly merry, the ambience in there is really really cool & I already had a few people on instagram and twitter recommending me this place before I even entered the door!

A meal from Chef Gio Pia

I'm a petty fussy eater but this meal that was cooked for us at the apartment by Gio Pia was unbelivable, the mash potato in particular was my favourite!

Afternoon tea at Eteaket

I haven't really been to a *proper* tea room before but this one was pretty special. Tea and caked galore and lots of gossping before we headed home - I went with a Chocolate tea latte. and it was delicious!

A massive thank you to Mallzee for giving us an amazing time in Edinburgh and I cannot wait to return!

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