mercredi 12 novembre 2014

I don't tend to change my hair very much. I have naturally wavy hair which I am happy with to leave in its natural state on most occassions, but when I was sent the new ghd rose gold styler to try out, I was curious to see if they could convert a serial wave-a-holic.

ghd V rose gold styler, £130*

Of course straightening your hair all the time is not recommended due to the heat and I've always found a lot of straighteners pull on my hair and make my ends even more dead than they already are.. so I'm always hesitant with straightening. But ghd's are probably th eonly straighteners I've ever used that never ever tug on my hair, and after straightening my hair for a few days I've fallen a little bit back in love with straight hair.

I feel like I'm going to try and do it once in a while and make a little more of an effort. I like to take my curlers with me when I travel as I usually always have my hair curly, and to make a bit more of an effort I like to make it extra curly. However with ghd's it's two in one as the curve edge means you can both straighten and curl, which is perfect for me as I don't like to take too many things with me when I'm travelling, so two-in-one is perfect!

Have you tried the new Rose gold GHD's?

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