lundi 13 octobre 2014

As the title would suggest, at the moment we're going through the standard English weather here in the UK. You know the one, freezing, rainy and just abit.. crap really.

Red Beanie, gift from Carmen (available from ebay here)
Chunky charcoal cropped knit, vintage & thrifted - £1
Oversized Boyfriend Coat c/o New Look
Faux leather skater skirt, ebay -£5
Black and white snake print pumps, c/o missguided
Black and white box clutch, c/o new look

I'm not a fan of dressing for the cold, I don't like rain and to top it off I get cold so easily that for me a/w fashion isn't the best. But I'm learning and I am starting to adapt (you'd think living here for 21 years would have made it easier!) and for the most part I'm happy with the items in my a/w wardrobe!

I decided to add a pop of red into this quite dark outfit, and I'm obsessed with these shoes at the moment. SO COMFY. This vintage knit jumper I grabbed from a carboot a year or two ago is perfect - lovely charcoal grey and slightly cropped!

I added two videos about backpacking onto my channel if you guys have any burning questions about backpacking alone in Asaia - let me know what you think!

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