samedi 4 octobre 2014

I've decided to do a mini countdown of my top 5 favourite phonecases along with a mini review if necessary (for some just pictures will be more than enough!) For number 5 we have what I like to call my little saviour whilst I was backpacking.. the Lifeproof 'nüüd' case.

Lifeproof nüüd phone case for iphone 5, Ebay - £30

I get asked quite a lot regarding my backpacking trip 'How do I protect my iphone' 'Should I take my iphone with me' etc and for me there was no question. I needed to be able to work (cries) and also be able to contact home in case of an emergency. Also keeping on touch with fellow travellers I was with was quite important for me!
As I was backpacking and taking my iphone 5 with me, I knew that I wanted to have some peace of mind. Yes, if it got stolen theres not much I could do about it, but I wanted to know that that would be the only scenario regarding my phone, and that the likelihood of it smashing or getting waterdamaged on the beaches of Thailand were going to be rare.

The best things to note about this case are:
Totally submersive under water up to 2m
Totally sealed from dirt & dust
Completely closed to snow & ice
Survives drops from up to 2m

The amazing thing to me is that it comes with no screen on the front, but is still waterproof! You are given a 'dummy phone' as practise to put in and check if its waterproof beforehand (unfortunately I have misplaced this!) and low and behold, under 2m of water, it is completely waterproof! I wasn't using this as a way to actually take my phone INTO water, but more that if it got really rainy, or I accidentally knocked a drink over it (easily done!) then it would be pretty protected.

It also comes with a latch over the charging port which is genious, and also a cover over the headphone socket. To use headphones, you're given a headphone adaptor as putting headphones into it normally isn't possibly due to the thickness of the case (which thanks to the new 'nud' design isn't too bulky!) which again.. I misplaced. Or rather lost in Cambodia. Which was bound to happen and isn't the end of the world, but just rather annoying!

If you are prone to accidents with your phone and aren't fussed about a fancy case but want it to be protected, or are going backpacking, hands down recommend this phone case 100%. It isn't the cheapest out there, and if you want to get a cheapy option then ebay have lots of them for less than a tenner here, but the Lifeproof case, to me, was such a great investment. I came home from my 5 weeks backpacking with a completely fully working phone, which I can tell you is a very rare thing!

I got mine off ebay second hand for around £30, but the RRP is £56 on the official website. I would recommend trying to find one on ebay! Also - they do cases for lots of different phones, not just iphones and they do them for IPADS. I think thats going to definitely be my next purchase as I'm forever worried about my ipad breaking!

Massive disclaimer. Lifeproof haven't sponsored me or given me this for free I just love this case so much!

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