lundi 22 septembre 2014

Burgundy Bralet, c/o Missguided
Floral Skirt, thrifted - £2
Fedora Hat, £14.99
Brown block heel leather boots, £69.99
Feather clip in, Claires Accessories - $4

On the 3rd day with the Philadelphia collection, I decided to throw on an outfit that included flat shoes, as we all spent the day shopping! We were kindly taken to the Philadelphia Outlet mall which is absolutely unreal. We have a few in the UK but not on the scale that Americans have them - not only is everything much cheaper in America anyway, but Phildelphia is a city that does not tax clothes like New York, so it's even CHEAPER. Then added on top that the outlet malls always have around 20-30% off their mid season items, everything was unbelivably cheap! I only got a few little bits and bobs as I'm saving up for a few more travel bits and bobs (exciting!) so I was completely restrained.. but take note of the little feather clip in my hair which was a wonderful $4 buy from Claires accessories of all places! I also got something for my gorgeous baby brother from the Tommy Hilfiger store as we were kindly given $10 gift cards which surprisingly goes a long way in an outlet mall!!

We then headed off to the King of Prussia mall which was amazing, and I had to stop myself from spending all my money as theres so many stores. From JC Penney, Victorias Secret.. to so many other American brands. It makes me want to cry just thinking about how good the shopping is here. If you ever get a chance to come to New York, please take a day trip to Philly to get a proper shopping experience as it's just so so so much better!

We then relaxed in our new hotel for the next few nights, The Rittenhouse, which was so beautiful. I forgot to get the decor downstairs but like with most things, photos really do not do it any justice!

We of course then headed out for food and drinks at a lovely place called Mixto, where I had a cool twist on bruschetta which instead of having bread had plantain, and of course some chips to go along with it!

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