lundi 29 septembre 2014

For my first night in New York, I arrived to the one of the most beautiful hotels I have ever seen.. The Library Hotel, NYC.

I was lucky enough to get this night for free, however I was willing to stay there for a few extra nights at my own expense at it was just so incredible. Unfortunately, they didn't have enough rooms on such a last minute trip, so I could only have the room to myself for one night, but it was absolutely amazing.

The Library Hotel is adorned with books, and the attention to detail meant that I genuinely felt like I was wrapped up in a library for the night. The location is absolutely unreal, right next to Grand Central Station in Manhattan, just a stones throw away from everything such as Times Square.

As I travel so much I'm going to start doing mini reviews of some amazing places such as hotels or places I've eaten as I think if you guys ever visit it's always nice to give some recommendations! This hotel is amazing and if you're looking to splash out a little and treat yourself on a trip to NYC, this hotel honestly has everything!
Upstairs there is a little lounge area a long with a rooftop bar, and downstairs theres also a resturant which I decided not to go to as I don't realy enjoy dining alone, so I enjoyed a spicy noodle salad in bed instead!

It was also in the top 3 most comfortable beds I have ever slept in (yes, I have a list) so if that doesn't win it for you, don't know what will!

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