mardi 12 août 2014

Recently, Victorias secret challenged me with styling 1 bra in 3 different ways, and so for a while I sat and thought about just how I could show the versatility off the amazing 'incredible' by Victorias Secret bra, without being just.. well.. in a bra.

I decided that the easiest way to show off a bra in a subtle way was ..

Peeking through a zipped up top:
I love love this mint colour and am so happy I have this lacoste zip top that matches with it perfectly!

Underneath a drop arm vest:
I have so many of these tees which are my casual vests to wear with shorts and things on a lazy day. Wearing a brighter colour would also look realy nice to show through, but I foten for black as I thought it went better with the outfit

Underneath a fishnet top:
I really love this top, it is the kind of top to either wear a nude top under or make the most of wearing a really flattering one underneath!

'Incredible' Push Up Bra, c/o Victorias Secret

Massive thank you to Victorias Secret for letting me have this amazing bra in 4 gorgeous colours, it really is the most comfortable bra I own by far so to have 4 of them in varying colours for different occassions has made me a happy lady!

How would you guys style a bra in a subtle but sexy way?

Photos : Abby May
P.S. I did a little video with bassbuds who are also hosting a giveaway HERE!

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