mercredi 6 août 2014

Sometimes when it comes to choosing an outfit, no matter how sunny the weather is, going back to black is the only option. It suits every skin tone and theres something so chic about an all black ensemble, no matter what the occassion

Black slip dress c/o Fashion Pills
Necklace and rings, c/o Impulse loves
Circle sunnies c/o zero uv
Large red bindi, ebay - £7
Faux Leather Platform Ankle Boots, c/o Choies (similar here)
Chanel perfume bottle bag /co Fashion & tingz
Chanel Perfume bottle phone case, ebay £7

I am in love with this slip style dress from Fashion pills its ridiculously comfy and although I did feel like I was walking around wearing a nightie, I love the lace detail and silk feel of it. I was definitely feeling a Kylie Jenner vibe from this whole outfit, who is the absolute queeeeen of instagram fashion in my eyes. Her transformation has been unreal and I still cannot get over that she is only 16.

I have reignated my love for these leather look boots from Choies which were my first dip into the cleated sole trend, and the fact they have a heel but are still incredibly comfy is great for a little person like myself!

So sorry I've been so scattered with posts over the past few months. I have been travelling so much and I have just welcomed a little baby brother into my life so it's all been a bit mad at my end. I have grown up with two sisters my whole life, so to finally have a little brother made me emotional (I cried when I met him for the first time!)

I'm heading off on a mini europe adventure to Berlin, Amsterdam and Austria with my friend next week, and am looking forward to getting some beautiful photos around these amazing places so keep your eyes peeled for some more travel friendly content - thanks for sticking with me!

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