mardi 29 juillet 2014

When I first decided to get my 'ombré' way back when, it has slowly started to get lighter and lighter. The last time I did a big 'change' was back in january, where I decided to make my ombré higer up and a lot blonder on the ends. I was so happy with the outcome and I feel like the response from everyone was riducliusly positive.

I decided it was time for a re dye, and I teamed up with Live color xxl to use one of their home dyes. They're pretty well known for the crazy colours such as bright pink and neon blue, but I am defnitely not adventurous enough for that, so decided to use one of the blonde colours to give my hair a refresh.

I actually wanted to go for something a little different, I still want an ombré, but not realy an ombre. So thats when I was introduced to the sombre. It sounds like a word people have just made up because they can be bothered to say 'subtle ombre' which technically is correct, but it's incredibly clever I think, and a fitting word to what I currently have!

Live Color XXL HD in Max Blonde

- I didn't use a towel over my shoulders as I find it too restrictive for doing my hair, with me having so mcuh hair. I find using any old t-shirt works fine as long as it's thick or wear two (thanks to my sister for giving em one of her old shirts!)
- Always always read the instructions, as I ended up not mixing it properly the first time and having a bit of a meltdown after my sister told me the reason it hadn't mixed well was I was upposed to mix it in the bottle first.. wooooops

I actually ended up using two boxes of this to getthe desired super blonde that it ended up turning! Boxed dyes are actually super easy to use, so I won't go too into detail explaining, but I found this little comb and pot kit on ebay for £4 and it was a lifesaver! I usually do my ombre very differently to how I did this as this is more subtle, and the comb is great at getting the highlights and to makeit fade with lots of different tones.

I also sectioned my hair in just two sections for this, as my previous ombre and pre lightener meant that I needed a lift and tint of blonde, rather than an all over head treatment!

I am still getting used to it as it is a massive change. It's also quite orangey in this light due to being taken inside without natural light.. it's not this orange in person! Please ignore the dry ends, I need to give it a good few days of hair oil and deep conditioning until it is back to it's normal self but I honestly love it, I feel like it brightens my face and is the perfect hair for summer.. and if you do not like it remember.. it's just hair thats on MY head that will of course evntually fade.

But for now, What do you think of the sombré?!

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