jeudi 3 juillet 2014

So I have been keeping this project secret for a while now, and theres more to this project that I'm not allowed to reveal, but a few days ago I was out in Ibiza with the ultra cool shoe brand flossys. This is one of the most exciting collaborations to date, and I'm not kidding, the place was UNREAL.

We shot a few pictures on the beautiful rocks on Cala Bossa beach, and I styled the black classic shoes with my triangl bikini top, snapback, afends shorts and new fave raybans!

Bikini top, c/o Triangl Swimwear
Boy London Snapback, ebay - £13
Acid Shorts, c/o Afends
Raybans, $3 - Bangkok market
Black Classic Flossys

So sorry these posts have all gone up so so late, the internet in the villa didn't work for absolutely ages (it's okay though cause it was so beautiful haha) so all my ibiza posts will be over the next few days.

I am currently in Barcelona for fashion week - so sorry if the posts are a little rushed.. I know.. I'm never in England!

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