jeudi 10 juillet 2014

I was lucky enough to, whilst in Ibiza with Flossys, get to watch the incredible sunset over San Antonio beach. If you ever get the chance to go to ibiza (I will be incredibly jealous) but make sure you go and watch the sunset here, it's actually so so beautiful and the spot we shot this was actually pretty empty.. of course if you walk further down it's full of madness!

Sequin Kimono c/o New Look
Heart Playsuit c/o Missguided
Round Sunglasses c/o Zerouv
Polka Dot Flossys
Jewellery, c/o Impulse Loves

I decided to style up these polkda dot flossys with my similar printed playsuit from Missguided, and my absolute fave kimono from new look! IT's so nice and I've recieved so many compliments from people who are so shocked that it's a new look piece - and so affordable!

I love how these photos turned out, especially the shoes in hand photo, the amazing Sophie Hannah Richardson shot all these photos and shes such a talented lady (and has an amazing blog & unreal style!)
We enjoyed a lovely dinner at the restaurant Mambos, where I also got to meet a wonderful reader called Daniella who was super sweet!

So thank you so so so much to Flossys for such an unreal trip! I really just can't believe how much fun I had, and do keep your eyes peeled for even more to this collaboration.. I promise it gets even better!

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