samedi 21 juin 2014

After a mad 3 days in Ko Phi PHi, myself and my friend Hannah knew it was time to head back and recover. She was heading off to Chang Mai soon, and I was going to be in Cambodia, as well as saying bye to the guys who headed off to Krabi. It's always quite hard saying goodbye but it was particularly hard saying bye to these guys, we had spent a whole week in PHuket and Ko Phi Phi together and they had honestly made it the most amazing time!

Floral Bikini Top (worn as bralet), c/o Bank Fashion
Shorts, c/o Bershka
Black Sheer Kimono, c/o Missguided
Heart Shaped Sunglasses, Ebay - £5
Black Birkenstocks, River Island - £50
Orange Beaded Necklace & Gold Anklet c/o Impulse Loves

So I was always a little curious what backpackers 'wear' and just assumed it was always baggy vests with khaki shorts and a bum bag and walking shoes. My personal opinion is that you really can wear whatever you want. I decided to wear a bikini top as a crop top as you know, as a backpacker you need to make the most of everything you have, and then just a kimono (so i wasn't completely naked) and some shorts from bershka. Topped it off with some pretty heart shaped sunnies I bought just before I left.. easy peasy!

I am trying not to think to much about what I'm wearing out here but of course as a fashion blogger I love styling my outfits, and with it being so sunny I want to make the most of being able to wear shorts (Without being called crazy!)

After we came back to Phuket we went our seperate ways and I headed to Cambodia to volunteer in a school for 2 weeks.. which I'll talk about soon enough! :-)

Thanks for reading guys!

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