dimanche 15 juin 2014

After Bangkok, I took an hour and a half flight all the way to the south of Thailand to a place called 'Phuket' (Pronounced Poo-Ket) which is well known for being the beachy parft of Thailand. Every backpacker flocks here t find a little bit of paradise whilst backpacking around south east asia, and there is so much to offer in regards to island hopping.

I stayed in Patong during my stay which is the partying hub of Phuket. Patong itself isn't particularly ovewhelming when it comes to activities. It is extremely touristy, and the 'lady boys' which you have probably heard about are out in full force in the night time, and the main attraction is definitely Bangla Road (The party strip, equivalent to Bangkoks 'Khao San Road'). To get around I would recommend renting a scooter (around £6-£7 I think for a day) but if you are like me and don't fancy it (or are just a terrible driver) then I would say you're a little stuck as it's incredibly difficult to do anything in Phuket without a scooter. Unlike Bangkok, Phuket has not got a train/tube system, so you're limited to expensive taxis or extra long walks.

I was incredibly lucky to meet a very inspiring guy called Christian who was staying in the same hostel as me. He runs a travel tour website called Rad Travel, which he satrted from scratch and now does on his own, researching the best destinations for travellers and planning an itinerary. I've heard about tours you can take, but for me, I wanted to experience backpacking on my own, so never gave it a second thought.

He was then kind enough to give me a mini tour of Phuket on the back of his scooter and off we went!

Rawai Beach - Phuket
Our first stop on our little day trip was Rawai Beach. I absolutely love how beautiful it is, with the longtail boats and blue sea. The whole scene was just so picturesque that I didn't have to try very hard to get some pretty snaps!


Kata Beach - Phuket
Kata beach is a beach dedicated more to the hotel tourists with a little more cash, in comparison to Patong which is the backpacker area. Theres far less rubbish (and less people!) and the whole vibe is so chill. If you want to stay in Phuket away from all the craziness of Patong, Kata is pretty relaxing!

Looking over the island
Christian stopped here for me to take in the views, and it was absolutely breathtaking. IT's hard to actually take in how beautiful a city is until you see it from high up, and I did have to have a few minutes just to let it sink in.

The Big Buddha - Phuket
The Big Buddha is definitely a must do in Phuket. Temples and places of worship are huge throughout Thailand, and this in particular is one of the best (or at least most popular) that Phuket has to offer. My favourite bit was these hanging bells which had writing on it. Just like the love lock bridge, people hang these bells writing wishes of health and happiness to their loved ones. Absolutely beautiful!

Massive thank you to Christian at Rad Travel for showing me around the island! Hopefully I'll be able to bok a tour with him next year (I am dying to go to Bali!)!

Next post is coming up on Tuesday - Keep your eyes peeled and thanks for being patient with me!

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