vendredi 27 juin 2014

I wanted to fully go into detail just how life changing this trip has been, and particuarly, volunteering in a place called Bakod Village in the Takeo Province, an hour and a half outside of Phnom Penh with Hope Agency.

I have always wanted to volunteer, and I know so many people are in the same position as me, and if any of you have any questions please ask on this post and I will reply!

We stayed on the school grounds, in a dorm with a little campbed and a fan. When I arrived at the site I knew it would be pretty basic, but it's obviously still clean and everyone did their bit to help out! We got food everyday (which was abslutely amazing - especially for the vegetarian option!) and I taught 2-3 classes a day!

I had a class called 'Cheetahs' who were beginners of areound 10-13 year olds who were quite a small class but always knew how to have fun, and a class called the 'Cool Bananas' who were an all girls class (and one boy who joined my class a few days into my teaching!) who were elementary level and were the loveliest people in the whole world, ages 14-21!

Planning lessons, living on site and getting to know other volunteers - it was honestly a whirlwind. And something I will never ever forget. The kids there don't live in the best conditions, but always came to school with a smile on their face and always knew how to put a smile on mine!

Thank you so much to Hope Agency. for everything you guys did for me, and if any of you are considering it please do it - you will never forget it. And Hope Agency in Bakod village are amazing!

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