mercredi 25 juin 2014

Greetings from Tokyo!
Taking a little break from my travel posts as I am finally allowed to announce an amazing upcoming collaboration with New Look.. I'm heading off to Spain on the 17th of July with New Look for the music festival Benicassim!!!

Photos by Laura Ribeiro

Ethnic Print Kimono
Beaded Vest Top
Acid Wash Sport Shorts
(all c/o New Look)
Heart Shaped Sunglasses, Ebay - £5
Boots c/o Laura Ribeiro

I'm so excited to be working with new look on this to bring you guys the best of festival fashion, with the hashtag #fashfestfun and to bring you along on yet another journey with me! I absolutely love festivals, and Benicassim is one thats been on my list for the longest time. Not only is the line up ureal (ellie goulding & tinie tempah anyone?!) but New look has some of the best festival clothing in right now, and I cannot wait to get styling (and partying it up - spanish style!) to some of my favourite artists! Make sure you stay tuned on new looks festival fashion hub for all of our updates, and of course with instagram, twitter and facebook for everything festival and fashion. I am so so excited, and so grateful to new look for such a wonderful opportunity!

Rocking a little bit of new look to give you a feel of what to expect! I'm obsessed with kimonos at the moment, and mixing this gorgeous ethnic printed one with a jewelled top is perfect, along with these acid wash sport shorts (Which are so unbelivably comfortable!)

I'm going to be posting around 3 more posts from my trip which all cover cambodia, also going a little more in depth with the volunteering project I did whilst I was there, and a few other snaps.

But I'm heading back home on Wednesday night. Thats right, tomorrow night at 10pm I will be heading home after 5 weeks of what I can only describe as the time of my life. I have the darkest tan I have ever had in my life, I have so many bug bites, I have a cold, my body aches and I feel like I am constantly hungover..

A successful trip right?

Thanks again for being patient with me and I can't wait to bring you along to Benicassim with me!!!!!
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