mercredi 21 mai 2014

So I arrived in Tokyo last night at around 6:30pm and it all had gone (not so) well. The incredibly strange start was my taxi to the train station to get to Manchester airport caught fire and I had to walk the rest of the way (although annoying, I do thank god that it wasn't more serious that what it sounds like!) and my train was delayed by half an hour. Oh - and I also almost missed my connecting flight due to there literally being no signs as to which gate I go to (and not many english speakers and having very very rusty french was not helping!)

I then arrived at Haneda Airport to find out that my bank card wouldn't work. Thats right. I had no money. LUCKILY I had dollars in my bag due to going to Cambodia and being advised dollars are what is used quite a lot and having some left over from L.A and my Coachella trip, I thought it was better to just take them with me rather than exchange them back to pounds (the currency exchange rate from USD to GBP is apparently awful!)

I was so lucky I literally had dollars on me, and I went to exchange the dollars to JPY and headed off to the Sakura Hotel. I'm not going to lie, The Tokyo train system literally gives me a headache, and I'm a pretty good navigater of all things metro and tube related. Luckily most signs are in English and the tourist information center had two extremely helpful ladies and a lady at the machines who were happy to help me out! (It is a massive thing that no one speaks English in Japan which is not 100% true, it's not as common say in other European countries, but actually you will always find an English speaker at the airport, so always ask for help at tourist desks!)

I arrived at my hotel at 10pm and decided to stay up and panic about my bank card and then fell asleep.

Last minute I emailed Laura and luckily she had a free day and actually met me at the hotel and off we headed to see some of Tokyo! It was a super chill day - we were both jet lagged and she had also just arrived from England the night before, so it was off to drink iced coffee (which is my new obsession!) and have a nosey at some stores. I am so thankful to Laura for making time for me - and I'm so glad we got on like a house on fire, she is one of the most similar people to me I have ever met in my entire life!

Floral Playsuit c/o Motel
Chunky Black Cardigan, c/o Sheinside
Black And White Mix Flatform Sandals, c/o Bershka
Black satchel (£4) & Leggings (£2) - Primark

Photos by Laura Ribeiro
(Excuse the greasy looking hair, its actually wet due to the actual rainstorm that happened today. It's sunny back in Sheffield.. just my luck!)

We got some Purikara which are these amazing Japanese photobooths which actually take full shots as well as facial ones. Oh and you can edit them like crazy.. with makeup and writing etc. It also enlarges your eyes and makes your skin lighter so we looked like little dolls, it was so so much fun! We also got caught up in a rainstorm/wind storm which brke my newly bought umbrella and Laura literally had to drag me to safety into a building. I'm not even kidding, I wish I had recorded it just to show you how insane it was. Another mention of today - it was awful rainy weather. But that definitely didn't dampen our spirits!

I haven't many interesting pictures because we literally chatted all day, headed off to Harajuku (my favourite place so far, I expect to do some SERIOUS damage to my bank account when I go back!) and then went to Shibuya for some food and drinks! I then got to experience the infamous Shibuya crossing (which wasn't as crazy as how it is on tv due to it not being rush hour when I went!) but it was so so so cool to experience that. I enjoyed it more because it wasn't so cramped and even got a sneaky picture! I then went to Lauras friends house who had the cutest ferret ever and we all chatted about life drinking.

Eating Japanese Soba & Edimame Beans in Shibuya & Exploring Harajuku!

Photo time on the infamous Shibuya Crossing & Selfie with my girl Laura over an iced espresso

Probably the most random start to my trip I could have imagined, not extremely touristy but I got to see Tokyo through the eyes of someone who lives here. So much better in my opinion, although I do wanna explore a few touristy places with the little time I have left!

I have one day left in Tokyo, and then I have two more days here at the end of June. So expect to see much more of it in bits and bobs over the blog!

Thank you to everyone for ll your kind messages about me backpacking! It's all going well - a few hiccups here and there but hey - it wouldn't be a proper backpacking trip without a few surprise curveballs thrown at me.
I'm ready for you Tokyo day 2.. Oh and Bangkok on Saturday!

p.s. I have been vlogging a little whilst I'm here! Mostly just shots of Tokyo rather than me talking! Will go into one full Asia/Backpacking video once I have all the footage after 5 weeks and will be one spectacular (heres hoping) video! Get excited ;-)

It's 3am here.. I should sleep. Anyone know good cures for jet lag please do share!

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