vendredi 30 mai 2014

Yes, lets get over the name of my little bangkok series. Kavita Does Bangkok. It's hilarious, I get it.

So for my first day in bangkok consisted of getting off the plane from a nice 13 hour trip from Tokyo with a 2 hour layover in Beijing. I landed at 12am and the day before was panic as Thailand is a little unstable right now, that and an added 10pm curfew thrown in meant not only was I already terrfied of being a solo female traveller for the first time backpacking – but the timing couldn't be worse.

My amazing friend Gail was so good at keeping me updated and assured me it was all alright and sure enough – it was!

I woke up the next day at my hostel and made friends with some Germans (who travel a lot in Thailand I've met so many, also annoying that after living in Germany for 3 months my German is like 10 words which meant that it would have very much come in handy on this occasion!) and they were nice enough to let me tag along to the Weekend markets. Number one tip in solo backpacking – always talk to everyone and put yourself out there. People are so friendly and its the best way to make friends and do stuff and you know.. have company!

White Vest Top & Denim Rip Shorts c/o Bershka
Black Birkenstocks, River Island - £50

The markets were so unreal I can't even describe it to you and the pictures definitely don't do any of it justice! The food is so unreal here and actually everywhere in Thailand! Street food is (from what I've heard) pretty safe to be honest, and unless you have a very very sensitive stomach then don't listen to people telling you to stay away from it – it saves you so much money and it's so good! I didn't really have much of it cause it's very meaty, but all the girls and guys I was with were obsessed!

The markets were full of fake chanel, MK celine – you name it! I think the price was like £40 and the fakes were so good. I mean seriously! I would have bought oen if I wasn't backpacking and literally have no room (and you know, I'm a backpacker, I'm on a shoestring budget here!)

There was even a lady selling little dogs in a box which was crazy but I really wanted one cause they were so freaking cute!

So sorry it's been hard to update as honestly I've just been having the time of my life!
I have all my pictures edited for Bangkok posts so look out for that and speak soon!

And if you have any Q about travelling and Thailand in the curfew and the coup and stuff ask and I'll answer ..but my answer is besides not being able to go out till super late (even though people still do) its still safe and an amazing destination!

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