mardi 20 mai 2014

I decided for this trip I would wear this little outfit consisting of an amazing tee and trousers from sheinside I am not kidding, the trousers are so comfortable I could sleep in them! And the top is such a good dupe for the A wang one without being a too much of a copy.. you could definitely clas this as more of a 'inspired by' top!

Parental advisory tee, c/o Sheinside
White trousers, c/o Sheinside
Lion Gold Chunky Necklace, c/o Impulse Loves
Gold Topshop Watch, c/o Impulse Loves
Black And White Mix Flatform Sandals, c/o Bershka

On saturday I took a break from my busy schedule of being stressed and packing for my 5 week trip and hot footed it over to Manchester for the Tia Maria Dark Room event. I haven't been to a proper event in such a long time, but one of my best friends Gemma lives in Manchester, and wanted to see me before I left.

It was a really lovely event hosted by Gemma Cairney (who is a babe IRL) and I had so much fun getting my hair and nails done. My hair looked so so so good, thanks to the Toni and Guy team! And it worked really well with my outfit!

I was nice to get a little pampered especially just before I leave for a trip and to let me just catch up with Gemme who I don't see enough, and to also try the Espresso Tia Maria which is unbelievable cause it tasted just like coffee (which meant I had 2 and thought I would be okay but I definitely felt it!

The Dark Room is also taking place in other cities : Nottingham (4th 16th August), Glasgow (15th and 11th) and London (10th October) - So if you're around it's worth popping by to get your hair and nails done and grabbing a free drink! I actually had a really lovely time and it was nice to have a little de stress before my trip!

Thanks so much for having me Tia Maria and sorry it's a quick post today, I'm currently sat in the hostel lobby all the way on TOKYO! Thats right, I arrived safe and sound at around 6pm local time and only got settled at 10pm! Had a few issues with my card not working etc, but I found my hostel all on my own and am now sat trying to get some work bits done before I call it a night. I've hardly even been exploring yet and I am already overwhelmed and in love with this city .. have 3 days then I am off to Bangkok! Will keep you updated and of course blog the whole time I am here *fingers crossed*

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