mardi 8 avril 2014

I absolutely love the brains behind Never Fully Dressed. I remember recieveing this incredibly cool long tee and it's now a staple in my wardrone. I wear it with leggings, over the knee socks, even as a long tee at night because it's just SO comfy. Well, the NFD girls have done it again!

Long Spring Camel Coat, c/o Never Fully Dressed
Baggy Camel Pants, c/o Never Fully Dressed
Topshop Gold Chunky Necklace, c/o Impulse Loves
Chunky Leather & Suede Mix Heels, Ebay - £35
Black Leather Bikini Top, c/o Triangl
Black Floppy Hat, Primark - £6 (old season)

These trousers are the perfect amount of slouch. They are the comfiest trousers I own, and although wearing them on their own it can look quite strange (I'm talking mc hammer pants style) pinning them at the bottom and wearing a good pair of killer heels fixes the problem!
I decided to pair it with this amazing longline coat from the NFD too. The material is so light that it is the perfect Spring coat - they have it in black and khaki too and I've fallen so so in love - I need all the clours!

I wanted to team this with a bralet but my Triangl bikini top did the trick. Teaming it with an oversized floppy hat and massive chunky heels made me feel like an Olsen twin (in my dreams!)

I love how the brand is caled Never Fully Dressed and because of the tan/camel colour of both the trousers and coat being so similar to my own skintone - it really does look like I'm not 'fully dressed' .. pretty clever huh? ;-)

Tomorrow I'm setting off to London to stay overnight and fly out to LA on Thursday..
Excited doesn't really cover what I am feeling right now!

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