mercredi 16 avril 2014

So if you have all been keeping up with me on instagram, you will have seen me flying over to California with Lacoste to attend their Desert Pool Party!

For the first day of the pool party I wore my lovely little sunflower shorts and matched it with this large sunflower crown from Rock n Rose. A lot of people thought it was a little crazy which I thought was strange as Coachella is THE floral crown capital of the world (lol)

I teamed it with this mesh detail top from Lacoste (which I'm annoyed you can't really see as I took it off at the festival and forgot to put it back on as it was SO hot!) and my amazing red Lacoste bag which I haven't really taken off since I got it! I love the preppy/festival feel of this outfit, and I added added a pretty little bindi from Miss Selfridge which was yellow so went with the outfit perfectly!

I tried to capture the essence of the party on pictures but it's quite difficult - I have more photos when people are actually here etc coming on the next post, so on this one I thought I would show you just how epic it is empty. There are cabanas for press/bloggers (thats me!) and on the opposite side is where the *celebrities* sit - yes - I had an amazing view for celeb spotting, it was amazing!

The first day there was a Taco van and as much alcohol as you could imagine on tap. We had great service in the cabana and I honestly felt like a VIP!

Oh and did I mention I met Katy Perry? Best experience of my life (along with meeting Rihanna - I can't pick which was better!)

The Desert Pool Party was actually my favourite thing about the whole trip! We headed off to Coachella in the evening which I'm not going to lie I didn't get many pictures due to actually wanting to ENJOY the festival rather than fully document it, but I got this little photo in the VIP section which was the only not full place to take an actual shot (and even then everyone was staring at me!)

Celebs I spotted in the VIP section were Jared Leto, Jordan Dunn and Kate Bosworth. You know - casual.

I'll be posting the next one up tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that - I'm currently sat writing this before I catch my evening train to London to get on a 6am flight to Germany the next day. I'm still jet lagged and I'm pretty sure I have no idea what date it is but the past few days have been EPIC.

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