jeudi 24 avril 2014

I'm SO sorry its taken me a whole week to get more coachella posts up for you! With it still going on I don't think it's completely irrelevant so I hope you guys are still interested with what I got up to!

Red shorts and bomber set c/o Lacoste
Flag Print Bikini, Ebay - £7
White Oversized Floral Crown, c/o Rock n Rose
Wildfox White Bel Air Sunglasses, Ebay - £130
White Low Top Converse, c/o Bank

The second day of the pool party was like the first but I decided to wear this pretty shorts and bomber jackets combo, along with my america flag print bikini and an oversized floral crown. I decided to wear my wildfox bel air sunnies to (If I'm going to do american themed outfits I may as well go all out!) and top it off with some american chucks!

It was an amazing day and everyone was completely chilled and relaxed. I got to soak up the sun (I even got a tan!) and I drank from coconuts with the lacoste logo on (really nice touch from the lacoste team - and it was DELICIOUS) I also got to meet Jules from the amazing Sincerely Jules (Who is THE sweetest person in the world!)
They also had a pizza van and the food was ridiculous (You know how much a pizza fanatic I am!) and I honestly had a really amazing day!

We then headed off for the last night of Coachella where I got to rock out to Disclosure and see a surprise performance from Drake on the same stage that Beyonce surprised everyone - super intimate and very crowded once everyone passing by realised Drake was there!

One last post about my L.A trip which will be up tomorrow - stay tuned! :-)

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