mercredi 2 avril 2014

Unless you have bee living under a rock and don't know that the title and slogan on my tee is a Beyonce song then please don't think it's me being vain, or actually trying to fool you that I wake up looking like this because believe me, I do not.

'I Woke Up Like This' Tee, Ebay - £5.99
Ripped Boyfriend Jeans, c/o Missguided
Overszied Long Camel Coat c/o New Look
Ray Ban Wayfarers, c/o Sunglasses Shop
White Low Top Converse, c/o Bank

I got this tee off ebay cause I absolutely love Queen B and thought it would be a cool tee to rock in summer. I got it in an XS and I'm a little annoyed cause I usually like super baggy tees so I don't know why I picked such a small size. OH well - it works!
I decided to team it with my oversized camel coat from Ne wLook that I picked up around Fashion week and completely fell in love with. New looks coat game is strong at the moment - it's making me wish I had a few more days of winter to rock some more coats (okay maybe not)

This is definitely an outfit which makes me feel like a 'proper' fashion blogger. Over time I've realised that you can still be stylish without rocking heels all the time, and always looking 'put together', sometimes the casual laid back outfits are the best ones, and I feel a little more comfortable doing them now. I think I just put pressure on myself to always 'look' like a blogger, and whenever I wasn't dressed 'super cool', people would look at me like 'why is SHE a fashion blogger'. But it honestly doesn't matter what others think at the end of the day.. only took me like 5 years but I got there in the end :-)

I have a really exciting announcement this Friday so please come back and see what exciting project I am working on next week. I have known about this project since January so keeping it to myself has been TORTURE but I have officially bee given the green light to tell you all so.. woo! It isn't particularly hard to guess as I have been dropping hints like crazy on twitter, I mean, what else could I be doing in L.A next week.. in the sun.. with music.. ;-)


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