vendredi 4 avril 2014

So I've been keeping a massive project on the down low for quite some time now and It's been killing me since January! All the secret meetings (okay 3 meetings) and planning and finally I can unveil my biggest project for She Wears Fashion yet!

I met up with the wonderful people at Lacoste Live to discuss their new collection, and the possibility or working together in the near future. Of course I never expected them to turn around to me and tell me they wanted to take me on a fancy smancy all expenses paid trip to L.A with them to Palm Springs. My heart stopped and at one point I nearly cried (and thats not an exaggeration!)

So I wanted to make it a huge announcement because honestly I am so so excited and I cannot wait to take so many pictures and bring the experience to you! I have always wanted to go to America (and a particular music festival!) ;-) but never thought I would do it so soon! I'm so glad I recently turned 21 as well cause a festival aint a festival without ALCOHOL! I've also never ever left Europe (remember I'd never left the country 6 months ago!) so this is my first ever long haul flight - eeeeeeeek!

Make sure you follow me on instagram to keep up with what I'm doing (and to see me rocking some Lacoste live threads!) & I'll be working out there so I'll be instagramming and blogging everything as it happens - super duper exciting stuff!

I want to say a huge thank you to you guys. If you have noticed the little 'travel diary' section on my blog in the sidebar you will have noticed that at the moment my blog is letting me do incredible things with my life right now and I have you guys to thank for that. As much as I know I do work extremely hard doing what I do (which can be difficult to explain to people because many don't understand HOW a blogger makes money, or that bloggers even WORK etc)I know it wouldn't be without you guys reading and supporting.

I'm not the kind of blogger that lets these opportunities go - I have to work really hard to get projects and to prove my worth to brands.. as well as go to a million meetings (I don't live in London so dedicating days of a month to several brands to discuss opportunities or projects can be a nightmare when it's a 2 and a half hour journey!) - I'm not trying to get sympathy as I love my job and I feel very lucky in many ways, but I also know I work incredibly hard to get what I get. Of course I will be working whilst I'm out there - but I'm also going to be able to have fun. So it's all about balance! I have to also have a sidenote that I have come from a very humble background - I've never been 'rich' and never even had a holiday abroad with my family because we couldn't afford it - so I genuinely appreciate these opportunities and I never expected in my wildest dreams it would happen to a small town girl from sheffield! I definitely have to pinch myself when these opportunities arise and sometimes I don't feel I deserve it, but you all support me through everything and I am so grateful!

So thank you guys so much (and to lacoste!) and please look forward to some incredible posts coming your way next week! I leave on Thursday but I'm going down to London Wednesday for Lacoste Lives event in London!

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