dimanche 6 avril 2014

I'm a massive fan of these varsity long tees, massive thanks to Bank for hooking me up with this amazing one from Fenchurch! I remember styling up the Criminal Damage one from bank a while ago and used this grafea back pack and realised that I didn't wanna style it up in the same way. As a blogger you get quite comfortable with how to style stuff and always in the same way, so I tried to mix it up a little today.

"Brb, just talking on my french fries phone"

'Brooklyn' Fenchurch Varisty Long Tee/Shirt, c/o Bank
Boy London Cap, Ebay - £11.99
White Large Leather Rucksack, c/o Grafea
Gold Rings (Topshop), c/o Impulse Loves
Red Check Flannel Vintage Shirt, Carboot - £2 (similar here!)
Chunky Strap Heels, New Look - £24.99
Moschino French Fries Phone Case, Selfridges - £45 (similar here!)

I love wearing check shirts around the waist, it adds a little 'something' to an outfit that otherwise would just be another 'standard-boyish-sporty' outfit. I love this ring mix aswell and opted to overload on rings rather than necklaces, like I did with my last tee.

Also isn't the phone case amazing?! Ebay have some amazingly similar ones for just £6 (bargain!) A lot of people HATE the Moschino Mcdonalds themed collection but I absolutely bloody love it! I really wanted this lookalike Moschino tee off sheinside but I resisted - I have far too many crazy themed items at the moment (burger sweater anyone?!)

If you didn't see my last post I am off to L.A. with Lacoste Live on Thursday - and leaving for London Wednesday so I am in the middle of panic buying and packing! I am so excited, having never been to America before, so I cant wait!

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