samedi 22 mars 2014

Recently Drop Dead sent me a few goodies in the post to have a look at, and every time I get a chance to style up some pieces it makes me feel very proud. As a Sheffield brand and being born and bred here, I love supporting anything with Sheffield roots (particularly love their 'Steel City Bitch' tee - represent y'all!)

'Dead' Beanie, c/o Drop Dead
Hearts Vest Sweater, c/o Drop Dead
White Skater Skirt, c/o Bershka
Oversized Long Pink Blazer / Coat, c/o Bank
Pink Quilted iPad Case, c/o Bershka
White Cleated Sole Platform c/o River Island

Usually when brands send me a mixed bag of clothes to style rather than me picking, it means I end up with things I hate. But actually the incedible Julia @ DD knows me far too well and picked pieces she knew I would LOVE. I absolutely love this heart print vest sweater, and it goes so so perfectly with this DEAD beanie. I live in beanies, and at the moment I can't stop wearing white and pink (I'm sorry, it's a phase!) so these two pieces were perfecto!

I decided to team it with my bank oversized pink coat. I know I already own the long asos one, but this is the PERFECT Spring coat as it's lighter and much more structured than my wool asos one, and also the colours a little deeper. It's SO NICE. I think it's all sold out now unfortunately but they still have some bangin' coats on site if you fancy a gander!

I decide to get two of these Bershka skater skirts cause I have a huge obsession with skater skirts! I have it in white and pastel pink but they have a million and one different colours on site! I also grabbed this pink ipad bag for my ipad - it's more made for the normal ipad rather than the mini but it fits nicely inside (and goes really well with my outfit!) IT can also just be used as a normal clutch if I don't wanna carry around my ipad all day!

I don't think I need to explain the shoes. I can't stop wearing them. Damn you River Island.

The iPad Mini

I've had this Apple iPad Mini from Argos since around November now and I absolutely love it. I keep it in the keyboard cover mostly as an on the go laptop for answering emails on trains or at airports. But for leisure time it's perfect for doing my favourite thing - instagraming.

I'm a massive fan of instagram and I don't always just use the filters on instagram to make my picture quality as good as it is (my most used filter is Amaro in case you wondered!)


I never knew about snapseed until my friend Lauren (who also has a great blog here!) told me about it one day whilst we were having a meeting. The best thing about the app is how simple it is for basics, so brightening and contrasting, aswell as my favourite which is sharpening, can all be done really quickly with this app. Oh - and it's free!


This app is I think £1.50 or something (I got it a loooong time ago!) and I remember getting it because a while ago, the soft balls of light and heart effects were all the rage on instagram. A year on and people may not use it as much but I like to throw the odd heart lights filter on now and again! IT also has some great filters to rival that of instagram so if you're someone who likes to have a lot of choice then I would recommend this!

A few other apps worth a mention:
Padgram: Perfect to browse instagram on the iPad
Emoji 2: Lets be honest, if you post a picture and theres a relevant emoji on instagram, you have to use it ;-)

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