mercredi 19 mars 2014

The next floral trend I decided to cover was 'retro'. It's quite difficult to do the retro trend without coming off as a little bit of a try hard, also..I swear I will take these shoes off one day, but for now they are firmly secured on my feet!

Orange Floral Print Dress, Glamorous - £25*
White Floral Garland, c/o Impulse Loves
Lookalike White Wildfox Twiggy Sunglasses, c/o Zerouv
White long zara lookalike coat, c/o sheinside
White Large Leather Rucksack, c/o Grafea
White Cleated Sole Platform c/o River Island

So I decided to get this orange shift dress, again from glamorous. I'm not gonna lie I'm not a massive fan of shift dresses, or even retro fashion in general as I'm not great at it (and I never thought I had the curvy and gorgeous pin up figure to pull of such a trend.
However I've tried, and here is my attempt. Also I think it wouldn't be as retro without these circle sunnies which definitely help.

Sorry all I seem to be wearing is white at the moment and sorry that this is a quick one - I'm a busy bee at the moment!
Much love!

*Voucher codes supplied me with £80 to pick whatever I liked online and/or instore to complete this task, I chose everything myself. Oh - and this post is not sponsored in anyway!

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