mercredi 26 mars 2014

I caved. I have officialy caved into the trainers and skirts trend. I attempted to do this trend with dresses a little bit ago with my bright orange nikes, but I kinda forgot about it. Fast forward Spring and it's the thing everyone is doing. I wanted to pair this outfit with my vans but I couldn't find them, so my Nike air force ones had to come to the rescue!

Explicit Content Black Oversized Crop, c/o Choies
PVC Bbay Pink Skirt With Zip, c/o Bershka
Long Black Duster Coat, Asos - £60
White Nike Air Force 1, Jd Sports - £52
Black Slouch Beanie, Ebay - £3.49
Lookalike Henry Holland 'Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle, in my eye' Sunglasses c/o Choies

I already have an 'explicit content' clutch, so a top was the next step. This makes me feel one step closer to the coveted Alexander Wang sheer panel top, which I will never be able to afford. Heads up that sheinside have done a pretty decent lookalike if you're after one though!
I have a teeny weeny forehead so when I wear beanies I always have to get uber small ones and fold them over. I decided to wear a slouchy one as is and I love it - its gives off a 'doesn't-look-like-she-is-trying-hard-but-she-really-is' effect. I decided to drape over my asos long duster coat because it was pretty chilly (although it didn't help because the coat is perfect for warm and spring temperatures, not the insane windy cold that happened today!)

I swear I am not meaning to wear pink so much on my blog. I am not even that much of a fan - it's just so hard to escape a trend when it's EVERYWHERE. This PVC pink skirt is basically me jumping on that PVC skirt bandwagon 10000 years too late, but I like it cause then I don't look like a try hard (well, not that much of a try hard anyway?) and it's perfect. It's sightly too big (very big) but it's comfy and a little different with the zip on the front and ridiculously cheap for something of such good quality!

My trainer collection is getting massive now. I absolute love these white air force ones because they are perfect for a sporty edge in a 'minimalist' outfit (plus they're comfy!)

Tomorrow I'm off to London to skate around with selfridges which I am excited about! I haven't properly had a skateboarding session in a while so fingers crossed I'm not *too* rusty - argh! A post will follow.. and thank you all for such great feedback on my new layout! It's by the ever so talented pipdig who does amazing and cheap blog layouts! I feel like my blog photos have also gotten better (even though I haven't really changed anything!) and I feel my blog has finally fallen into place (it only took 5 years but hey - better late than never!!)

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