vendredi 28 mars 2014

I was lucky enough to be invited down by Selfridges to have a look at their new concept store 'The Board Room' and indoor skate park in association with HTC. I am a skaterboard enthusiast - I love riding my penny board and I love attempting (usually failing) at tricks and cruising around. I am by no means a 'sk8er girl' but I really enjoy skate style, shoes, clothing, skatebroards themselves.

Fenchurch White Varsity Tee, c/o Bank
Faux Leather Joggers, c/o Missguided
Boy London Cap, Ebay - £11.99
Black Rucksack, c/o Grafea
White Low Top Converse, c/o Bank
Stella Mccartney Skateboard, c/o Selfridges

I decided to wear a standard boyish/skatery styled outfit. I wanted to be comfy more than anything and this shirt from fenchurch @ Bank was definitely a good choice! I felt like my leather look joggers may have been a little too 'chic' to wear on a skateboard but I don't tend to have many scrapes (yet!) so I risked it.

When I was able to go into the store I was pleasantly surprised. It's selfridges so has a touch of class (of course) but it's still has a skateboarding nitty gritty heart. Everyting is light and theres plenty of space to have a proper browse. I love that they mixed quirky things such as they 'so you think you're a hipster' book and The Impossible Project - which incredibly turns your iphone pictures into actual polaroid pictures. Not gonna lie I want this so badly, but the £235 price tag means I'll have to wait a while! (Although I do think such an invention is incredibly worth it!) I love how they also had products such as bumble and bumble surf spray, which adds into the cool and laid back vibes of skate and surf style!

The different boards are phenomenal and I was amazingly lucky to get a Stella Mccartney board to try out and I love the design! It's sold out now bu as you can see theres loads in store (The Boy London one has caught my eye!)
My standout bit was definitely the designer skateboards. I mean - lets just appreciate the ciate skateboard in all it's glory (which can be you'rs for £4000!)

I also had my nails done by nails inc and was given a kick ass (literally!) design and I am so so in love. I dread the day it starts to chip :(! Thank you so much to do the girls at nails inc you're so talented and I haven't had my nails done in FOREVER so it was nice to give them a little bit of TLC!

I didn't get many pictures in the actual HTC ONE Skate park as my phone and camera ran out of battery (stndard) But if you check out the hashtag #HTCONESKATERPARK on instagram you get a view of just how incredible it is. I was a little insecure as it's full of very talented skaters (wheras im very much an amateaur) and of course being a girl I was at that point the only one - so everyone was definitely staring at me to see 'just how good I was' The lady who works there told me that a less intimidating all ladies night is happening next Thursday if you guys fancy it though!

(Taken from @slamcityskates instagram!)

Thank you so much to Selfridges for giving me such a great day and to let my inner skating geek come out! I have a little giftcard from them too so if you guys go click onto the board room give me a shout at what you think I should spend it on (I'm so tempted to buy the The Impossible Project it's unreal!)

(The skate park is open until April the 19th and is in between pinkberry and yo sushi at the selfridges foodhall!)
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