mardi 11 mars 2014

I have been wanting to do It for a while and with my birthday creeping up on me I am convinced that I should completely YOLO and just  go for It.  Forget Kim and Kourt's face's for a minute, the hair Is everything! I have been blonde In the past but the mistake I made of taking the colour right up to my roots, made me return to a brunette In less than 24 hrs later, and I think the shade was too warm as It blended In with my skin tone as well as my eyes! #fail

Looking at the ladies subtle sombre's, the fact that they still remain brunette at the roots Is clearly the key to my success and previous failure. My only gripe Is, what tone of blonde do I go for, and the fact I wear extensions as well Is extra long as I would have to get those done too along side my own hair! argh the stress Is already getting to me.

If anyone has any Ideas of who I could go to or what shades would suit my skin tone, please do let me will be helping me a great deal.

The quest to be blonde continues!

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