samedi 1 février 2014

So when my friend bought this to my attention I was all over It like a rash! you only have to look up the hashtag TinyTeaTox on Instagram to know exactly what I am talking about. I have always wanted to do a detox, but I only seem to see overly extreme ones floating about that I just know would not sit well with me. So when I read up about this tea that you drink 3 times a day I was sold. It doesn't replace any source of food you literally just fit It In around your day either 30 min before or after you eat.

The ratings this tea Is getting at the moment Is insane, with people getting flatter tummies In under a week, clearer skin as well as feeling more energised. This tea comes In either a 14 day detox £20 or a 28 day (which I have ) for £30. 

I started my Tiny Tea today and so far so good...It doesn't really taste of anything either which is a bonus for me as for some reason I thought It would have a weird acquired taste. I will be documenting my results as the weeks go by on my Instagram, so get following If you aren't already. 

Are any of you drinking this miracle tea at the moment, If so do let me know.

you can check out TinyTea  HERE

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