mercredi 5 février 2014

I ask you...Is It possible to fall In love with a Tee?.....well If Michael Agwunobi Is involved then evidentially It Is!

One of the reasons I love social networking sites, Is because they are full of treasures waiting to be unveiled ...and I discovered this one. If I could live In Tee's I would, In fact I'm a firm lover of them... but when you throw some edge into the mix and add motifs to capture a girls heart, that love for plain Tee's that I had now becomes a love affair.

The play on high fashion designers combined with phrases we all know and love, turns a regular Tee Into something rather It Hip Hop meets High end!

I'm clearly not the only lover of Michaels creations either, as well as being loved by the press his Tee's have also been spotted on the likes of Rihanna, Leona Lewis and Rita Ora; and with each tee costing only £25 how could  you/me/everyone not fall In love...!?

I may not be able to "Celine up the bitches", but this b*tch Is definitely In line!

You can check out Michaels whole collection HERE

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