mardi 18 février 2014

So people are always asking me how I curl my hair, so I thought I would share with  you once again how I do It. I honestly don't do anything special other than curl It with My Lee Stafford Chopstick styler (google for stockists) It takes me about 25 min to do my whole head, but that's because I'm pretty used to curling my hair, so the pace I move at Is quite rapid.

Once Its done, It lasts a few days, I just neaten up any areas that I feel need It. There Is a video HERE detailing all the ins and outs, but aside from being armed with this trust little tool, there's nothing else I do.

The hair I use Is Bleuribbon Virgin Peruvian (here) I honestly adore this hair, I have had It for about 5 months now and the condition Is still second to none. 

You can shop any of the Bleuribbon hair collection using code "beautyandtheblog132"  and you will receive a cheeky discount.


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