dimanche 5 janvier 2014

So today I thought I would share with you some of my daily essentials, these are things I use every single day without fail.

Fist things first Is my Boots Botanics All Bright Toner and Cleanser, this stuff Is amazing and Its something I always go back too because It keeps my skin clean, fresh, bright and hydrated. I'm very picky when It comes to putting products on my face as I have sensitive skin, and this cleanser and toner teamed with my vitamin E wipes, seem to leave my skin in perfect condition.

Everyone loves a facial wipe but I only seem to go between two...these ones and the Johnson's night time ones as they are super moisturising. Nothing Is more annoying then wiping your face with a wipe that feels dry, but I love the fact that these ones are Infused with moisture as well as vitamin E, leaving my skin clean and refreshed. 

The last thing I am overly In love with Is the real Techniques Miracle Complexion sponge, ever since I picked this baby up, I haven't touched a make-up brush to apply my foundation or concealer! Its honestly the best thing I have ever come across, I simply soak It under the tap and squeeze It out so It's damp...then away I go! perfect base every time.

If you want to see what else I'm loving, click HERE to see my latest haul.

What's your favourite things to use daily....?

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