jeudi 30 janvier 2014

So I'm a massive fan of those random pamper nights, and tonight was one of those nights! When I reach for a face mask usually It tends to be a mud, but tonight called for something different...something different as In a self heating chocolate orange something different! This mask Is from Montagne Jeunesse, a brand that prides themselves In pumping their face masks with delicious and natural ingredients, so that they can be enjoyed by all. Not only does this mask smell like heaven, but It delivered everything It says on the packet which was to cleanse dirt and oil from pores and leave skin feeling refreshed.

I applied the mask with a foundation brush, as It Is the consistency of melted chocolate and I personally felt that applying It this way would be easier thank slapping It on with my fingers. Once applied you instantly feel the self heating take action, and boy does It feel relaxing. One thing I also loved Is that once It was applied, It stayed In place, It didn't melt and start slip sliding all over the place.

With Valentines day around the corner, give your skin some love or If you just want to pamper yourself on a budget this Is definitely the way to go. I cant wait to try out the Strawberry Soufflé mask... I just hope It doesn't smell as good as the Chocolate one! although It states that they are not edible, Its just so hard not to have a cheeky lick and learn for yourself....that they are not edible haha!

If your In the UK you probably see this brand In local supermarkets and drugs stores, but for those who do not you can check out Montagne Jeunesse range of masks HERE and a direct link to the Chocolate mask Is HERE oh and I nearly forgot to mention that Its £1.....

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