jeudi 9 janvier 2014

Everyone knows I am a lover of nail polish, So I just had to share with you a few of my new loves from an Independent nail polish company called Luv Polish.

Luv Polish Is an Independent company that create their own polishes from scratch, meaning we get pretty yet unique colours not everyone will have. They also leave certain nasties out of their polishes (click here for details) as well as creating some highly pigmented shades!

I first came across their site when they only had a few shades, but they are adding to their eye catching collection as the weeks go by. As you can see my love for muted shades will live on forever! but I feel these have a little something extra, especially snowfall which Is going on my nails next as soon as my current polish chips!

You can check out Luv Polish HERE If you wish to have a nosey around at shades and prices. They also have plenty of swatches encase you cant wait long to see mine.

Let me know what your favourite shade Is....

p.s Don't forget to check out my newest video click HERE for hair tutorial goodness!

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