jeudi 5 décembre 2013

So every blogger knows that your life isn't complete without a yankee candle or two, so when Christmas Is rolling around you cant really expect to see anything less in our Instagram feeds!

Yankee candles for me have to be the best of the best (aside from my 99p vanilla Ikea candle) they burn well and they don't leave half the candle In the jar once Its finished burning! Oh and did I mention that they smell oh so goooood! The scents I have burning free at the moment are...

 Christmas cookie Large £14.99(currently 25% off) - If It was real I would eat It
Honey and Spice Medium £14.99- If It was real I would eat It
Sparkling Cinnamon Tumbler £8.99 - If It was real I would eat It

I then opted for 2 votive candles to burn which are great to buy If you are unsure of what scents  to go for at only £1.75.  

Can I really say much else about a bunch of candles that make my home smell like a piece of sweet heaven...

I picked mine up from  the scented candle shop, which you can find HERE (must get another Christmas cookie!)

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