vendredi 6 décembre 2013

Never In my life did I believe I would achieve hair that I cant get enough of! The BaByliss perfect curl has to be the best thing that has ever graced my locks! Retailing at £165 this might make you turn away, but hand on heart I will say that If you have the money...INVEST! Just click HERE and HERE to see for yourself!

Easy to use on my uber long hair, and the fact that It has a warning beep so you will never get in a tangle, keeps me nothing but at ease. Originally I thought using something like this would take longer to curl my hair, but It actually shaves my time down and makes me move a lot quicker. With multiple heat settings and timer settings to determine how tight or lose you want your curls, my favourite setting has to be the curl setting. Instead of just curling your hair In one direction, you can set the device to auto which means whilst curling It will alternate your curls direction.

I literally cannot fault this device In any way, Its become my new best friend! and the best thing is my curls last a few days, and even when they start to drop I end up with perfect tousled waves.

I wish this little gadget existed when I was younger! It would have prevented so many hair mistake haha! All In all you can probably tell that I love this, and like I said...If you can get your hands on It or even drop some major hints for It to land under you Christmas tree THEN DO!!! Its one of those gifts that keep on giving.

So what do you think...have any of you tried the perfect curl?

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